Balloon Columns

Choose Décor That Stands Tall

Choose Décor That Stands Tall

Use our inflatable columns to add character to your party

Balloon columns will bring towers of fun to your event. Choose Adorable Balloons Design & Decor to decorate your event space with customized balloon columns.

Each balloon column stands alone. You can use two to make a gateway, with or without an additional balloon arch. We can make columns between six and eight feet tall. Balloon columns can be spaced around a floor, gathered for an eye-catching arrangement or placed at borders.

You can add themed toppers like stars, cartoon characters or even pirate ships to your columns. Our toppers bring something special to your event's décor.

The right balloon design for a small space

Balloon columns with toppers are a great choice for any kind of event, they are perfect for birthday parties and take up less space than a balloon arch.

We can add toppers to decorate the columns, making it a perfect addition to any special occasion. You'll be surprised by how much a balloon column and topper can add to a small space and add personality to any event.